Vape Tugboat T12000 in Dubai

Tugboat T12000 12000 Puffs Disposable Vape

AED 45

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What is the Vape Tugboat T12000?

This is a new representative of the Tugboat Vape Devices family. The devices in this category are designed for vaping. Like other models of this brand, they are distinguished by high quality, various flavors, modern design, and ease of use.

Vape Tugboat T12000

Features of the Vape Tugboat T12000 Series

Let's list the specifications of the devices in this lineup:


600 mAh battery. The battery is built inside the body of the vape. The battery holds a charge perfectly and can be recharged when needed. For this purpose, there is a standard USB Type-C connector on the bottom end of the body.

Several vaping modes

Several vaping modes. These vaporizers have a wider range of functionality and control options. In particular, there is a button on the body for switching between Power Mode and Normal Mode. Changing the style of vaporizing is enough to press 3 times quickly. Now, only you choose how much flavor you need right now.


Display. It is an awesome feature that makes using the device very convenient. A small digital display is on the body next to the button to switch vaping modes. It shows the battery level, the amount of remaining e-liquid, and the currently activated mode. No more surprises. You know exactly how much e-liquid and charge is left for vaping.

24ml e-liquid

24ml e-liquid. The device comes already filled. That's a capacity of 12,000 puffs. Enough to enjoy the flavor, but not too much to get tired of vaping and feel the monotony.

It is a modern Disposable Vape with smart control.

Vape Tugboat T12000 Flavors

You can enjoy vaping with the following flavors:

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