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Maskking e-cigarettes are a device for experienced and novice vapers who are looking for aesthetic and quality vapour consumption. For this purpose, the brand has developed unique products with original and memorable flavours. The devices are automatic devices that are triggered by inhalation. Thanks to their compact size and streamlined shape, you can always take them with you and use them whenever you like. The models do not require any maintenance and are designed for 1000 puffs, so they can replace 1 or more packs of standard cigarettes.

You can buy Maskking PODs in our online shop. We cooperate directly with the brand and offer only original products among which you will always find current novelties and already known items. Shipping within UAE is available. All questions about products and services provided, please contact our managers.

Features of the Vape

  • Maskking produces concise and handy disposable e-cigarettes. With its compact size - it's no larger than 103 mm in length - you can always take it with you and use it when you want.
  • The models are made of durable, heat resistant and impact resistant materials. The colour of the product can be adjusted to suit individual tastes.
  • The models belong to the automatic systems that are activated by inhalation. To ensure the device works properly, first take a few short, slow puffs. This way the steam will flow smoothly and you will have more fun. You won't find any buttons on the case to adjust or control it.
  • Maskking e-cigarettes consist of standard elements - battery, atomizer, liquid cartridge. The products are equipped with powerful batteries that do not require charging and are designed for long life. The refill capacity varies depending on the model. With proper use, you can get anywhere from 500 to 1500 puffs.
  • As the brand caters to aesthetic vaping enthusiasts looking for pleasure, the company has selected the right liquids for their vaping needs. The strength of the formulations does not exceed 5%. Among the flavours available, you'll find berry, fruit and mix flavours. They are based on natural ingredients and leave only a pleasant impression.
  • As the devices are fully automatic, there is no way to disassemble or recharge them. You can tell when the device is working by the light indicator. A steady and even light indicates that the product is ready for use.
  • The models are individually packed in sealed blisters.

Please refer to the product cards for detailed flavour descriptions and other delivery details.

Benefits of Maskking E-cigarettes

Item 1

Compact size and comfortable shape.

Item 2

Sleek and stylish designs.

Item 3

Automatic switch on when you inhale.

Item 4

500-1500 puffs.

Item 5

Wide range of original and classic flavours.

Item 6

Completely maintenance free.

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