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Myle Mini 320 Puffs Disposable Vape

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2 pods in one box (Total 640 puffs)

MYLE are disposable e-cigarettes with bright and unusual flavours. The PODs are equipped with powerful batteries and have a capacity of more than 320 puffs. The models come in sleek designs in several neutral shades that vary depending on the flavour of the refill. There are no buttons on the case, and the devices are triggered automatically when the vapour is inhaled. The strength and amount of nicotine salts do not exceed 5%.

You can buy MYLE disposable e-cigarettes from our company. There are two PODs in one pack. Delivery in UAE is possible. For more information on pricing and services please contact our managers.

Features and Specifications

  • MYLE single-use devices feature a sleek and modern design. Their compact size and streamlined shape make them easy to handle and fit in your hand, so they're easy to take with you.
  • The housing features LED lighting with the brand logo at the air intake point. The hue corresponds to the unique colour of the flavour. There is also a status light to indicate when it is on.
  • MYLE PODs refer to automatic products with a tight draw.
  • Plugs are provided to prevent dripping. The plugs are easily removable before use.
  • One or two units in a single carton - each in its own sealed pouch. In this way you can immediately determine that they have not been used or otherwise handled by anyone before you.
  • The edge of the electronic cigarette is tapered in the lip area. It has two rows of holes, which improve the steam flow. Little condensation is produced during use, which has no impact on the taste or physical comfort.
  • The devices are equipped with a high performance battery.
  • The strength depends on the particular taste and can be either 2% or 5%. All products of the brand refer to strong and medium strength e-cigarettes that are suitable for beginners and connoisseurs alike.

Detailed descriptions and technical information can be found in the product cards.

MYLE POD Flavours

The brand produces many original and classic compositions. Among them you will find:



Strawberry, blueberry etc.



With banana, watermelon, lemon etc.



With a bright cooling effect.

What Else Makes MYLE Disposable Cigarettes Good?

Item 1

Easy operation - no buttons, triggered by inhalation.

Item 2

Excellent cartridge capacity - lasts a long time.

Item 3

Medium to low vapor.

Item 4

Optimum vintage for beginners and experienced vapers.

Item 5

Convenient shapes and compact size.

Item 6

Great variety of flavors.

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