Brusko Yum 8800 Puffs Disposable Vape

AED 55

Top Disposable Vape (6 flavors) 8800 Puffs

Brusko Yum 6000 Puffs Disposable Vape

AED 50

Top Disposable Vape (6 flavors) 6000 Puffs

Experience the richness of BRUSKO YUM flavors with their unique tropical combinations of juicy exotic fruits. The disposable smoking device will give you a smooth and measured smoking experience, the pleasure of thick aromatic vapor, enlivening your taste buds with juicy hues.

In our online store you can buy BRUSKO YUM at attractive prices for 6000 and 8800 puffs, which will replace a whole pack of cigarettes. Delivery to UAE is possible. You can specify the details of the order and get any information you are contact us.


We offer only original products of the brand. BRUSKO YUM includes the following flavors:

  • Blue Burst - Juicy blueberries and tangy black currant swirl together in a refreshing, fruity blend that will transport you to a tropical island.
  • Jungle Cola - Classic cola meets juicy raspberry in a fizzy, fun flavor that will satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Minty Mingle - A refreshing mix of cool mint and spicy ginger that will invigorate your senses.
  • Water Me - Sweet and juicy watermelon gets a refreshing twist of cool mint in this tropical treat.
  • Grape Escape - A citrusy blend of grape and lemon, giving you a sweet and tangy taste with a refreshing twist.
  • Apple Slice - Crisp apples and tangy lemon combine in a sweet and sour blend that will take your taste buds on a tropical adventure.
  • Kiwi Kiss - Sweet kiwi and juicy strawberry make for a deliciously fruity flavor that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.
  • Straw Sizzle - The sweet flavor of ripe strawberries gets a zesty twist of lime in this tropical treat.
  • Cherry Charge - Bold cherry flavor meets the energy of Red Bull in a fruity and invigorating combination that will keep you going all day.
  • Beachcomber - Sweet pineapple and creamy coconut create a tropical flavor that will transport you straight to a beachside paradise.
  • Orangina - Tangy orange and zesty lemon combine in a bright and refreshing flavor that will quench your thirst on a hot day.
  • Mango Madness - Sweet mango meets juicy peach in a tropical flavor explosion that will take your taste buds on an adventure.

Each flavor is unique and will give you variety. Sweet and juicy flavors will appeal to men and women, and the versatile design of the device makes it stylish and attractive. Treat yourself to a tropical treat from BRUSKO YUM!