Stig Disposable Vape in Dubai

Stig disposable PODs are a great solution for those who want to give up regular cigarettes, as well as experienced vapers. They differ from their counterparts by their bright, strong and full-bodied natural tobacco flavour. The high strength can be felt after the first puff. With its compact size and sleek design, the device is easy to take with you and use when you need it. The device triggers automatically when you inhale the vapour and is carefully and efficiently protected against blanks.

You can buy Stig vape in our online shop. The catalogue contains only original products purchased from the manufacturer. Shipping within UAE is available. If you have any questions about the products or services - contact our managers.

Available Flavours

Stig PODs stand out with their rich and deep tobacco flavours. Among the products, you can find models with various additives based on different tobacco varieties. But there are also original combinations with fruity and frosty notes to help cool down and cheer up. For refills, the company uses SaltNic liquids, which have been proven to be a great success. All of the formulations are strong and not recommended for beginners.

Presented in the catalogue POD-systems from the American brand Stig will be the best solution for experienced smokers who want to switch to vaping. Those who regularly smoke hookah or cigars will also like it. The deep taste can be a good replacement for the usual tobacco products.

Features of Stig Vape Dubai

  • The most noticeable feature of these devices is their small size and sleek, unobtrusive design. This makes them easy to fit and hide in your hand. There is nothing superfluous on the casing to attract or distract your attention. This device is designed exclusively for enjoyment of pleasant and high quality vapour.
  • Equipped with this model of e-cigarette battery at 260 mAh without the possibility of recharging. This is enough for about 270-300 puffs. According to the manufacturer, one device can replace a standard pack of regular cigarettes. 
  • Since the models are automatic systems, there are no buttons to operate them. A red LED light turns on when the device is in use and slowly goes out when you stop using it. This is not only informative but also attractive, as it resembles normal smouldering tobacco.
  • A standard pack contains three Stig Vape of the same flavour. If you order several varieties at once, you can tell which POD is which by the inscription on the case.
  • The devices belong to the category of devices with a tight inhaler, which creates an additional pleasant sensation.

You can find detailed technical specifications and other data on each product in the product cards. If you have any doubts when choosing - contact our managers.

Benefits of Stig PODs

Item 1

High strength, full-bodied tobacco flavour.

Item 2

Sleek design, reminiscent of an ordinary flash drive.

Item 3

Compact size, the device fits in the palm of your hand.

Item 4

Built-in safety system against idle triggering.

Item 5

Natural and safe liquids from SaltNic.

Item 6

One POD - the replacement of one packet of cigarettes.

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