Pod Salt

POD Salt 2500 Puffs Banana

AED 60

POD Salt 2500 Puffs Candy

AED 60

POD Salt 2500 Puffs Grape

AED 60

POD Salt 2500 Puffs Mango ice

AED 600

AEVape Dubai Store offers to buy POD Salt Vapes at a price of 60 dirhams. We are pleased to deliver the order within the UAE in 1-2 days, depending on your city. It will cost AED 30 or it will be free if your purchase is over AED 300.

What's Special About POD Salt Vapes

This device looks quite traditional. It has a classic shape, reminiscent of a marker or pen. The case is smooth, rounded, compact, and fits easily in the hand.

Of the features worth noting:

  • Flat mouthpiece. It does not have the shape of a round tube, but is more like a nozzle for a saxophone or a hookah. Many users find it very convenient.
  • Low nicotine content. Depending on the specific model, this is from 2%. This allows you to make vaping really safe for health.
  • Small volume. About 7 ml for 2500 puffs. This is a great option if you have never tried a vape or are looking for a new flavor to diversify your vaping.
  • Compact and lightweight. You won't feel it in your hand. All that will be felt is great taste. It is easy to carry in a small bag, backpack, and take with you to work or travel.
  • Activates after the first puff. This means that the device does not have any special buttons to turn it on. Bring to your lips, take a puff and the process is started.
  • Vape uses salt nicotine. It is less irritating to the throat mucosa, but gives an effect faster and makes the taste brighter.
  • They are disposable (for single use). This means that the vape cannot be recharged or replaced with e-liquid.

Flavors of POD Salt Vapes

Choose one of these or try several:





Cantaloupe Ice

Cantaloupe Ice;

Orange Ice

Orange Ice;



Watermelon Breeze

Watermelon Breeze;

Pineapple ice

Pineapple Ice;





As you can see, these are common classic flavors. This is the best to start if you are trying a vape for the first time and just want to understand how it suits you. Also, these devices are ordered by many experienced vapers who prefer them for their compact size.

Visit AEVape Dubai Store to order POD Salt Vapes or buy one of the Elite Vapebar devices, if you want something special.